What We Do

Safe Newcastle is the Community Safety Partnership for Newcastle upon Tyne. Our vision is:

"To create a safe Newcastle by tackling crime, alcohol, drugs, anti-social behaviour and their impact. By working together we will develop effective, sustainable solutions to local concerns, improve confidence and build stronger communities".

Safe Newcastle would like to let you know what we are doing to make our city safer for us all.

We are committed to continue the good work and make sure the number of victims continues to fall. To help us do this we put together a plan of action each year. This sets out how we will reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and make you feel safer where you live and when you are out and about. To make sure we are tackling the right things we study information about crime figures from the police and other partners so we know what sort of crimes are taking place and where and how community safety issues in Newcastle are changing. 

You can read the current and previous action plans by clicking here.

We also look back each year to see what we have achieved, you can read our current and previous annual reports by clicking here.