Community Tensions

What we do

What you can do

A community tension is an event that may threaten the peace and stability of communities and may lead to disorder or crime. Tensions can develop when a lack of trust develops between communities or the institutions they rely on e.g. the Police, Local Authority, utility companies or the Government. Tensions can also be connected to local, national or international events.

Neighbourhood Police Teams and Community Engagement Officers from Northumbria Police force engage with communities across the Northumbria, Tyne and Wear area. Their work focuses on building trusting relationships which can support emerging tensions to be identified and working with our partners to ensure tensions are appropriately managed.

In Central Area Command, covering the Newcastle & Gateshead local authorities, a dedicated Communities Engagement Team works with Safe Newcastle and community groups proactively assessing tensions on a daily basis and in response to international, national and local issues which may affect our communities.

What you can do

Feedback from local communities is key to assessing tensions and any information about actual or perceived tensions should either be reported to Northumbria Police on telephone 101 or email